Cornerstone Meal Replacement|Best Weight Loss Supplements

Whether you’re an athlete or just a busy person, you’ll need a sufficient amount of calorie intake to maintain your weight. We all know the struggle of preparing healthy food that meets the right nutrition requirements. To overcome the problem, we offer the best protein meal replacement shakes that have all the necessary nutrients for a healthy weight loss.

Healthy Weight Management


When it comes to healthy weight management, it’s all about maintaining the right balance between exercising and consuming a balanced diet. Adding the best protein meal replacement shake in a regular diet will reduce your total caloric intake, fuel your weight loss, and help you reach your goals.


Start your day with our protein-rich breakfast shakes for weight loss. Along with weight loss, protein supports a number of vital functions in your body, including building and repairing muscles, skin, and bones. It is an essential part of a well-balanced and nutrient-dense diet that helps the body to create vital vitamins, enzymes, and hormones.


Meal replacement powders for weight loss are enriched with minerals and vitamins. They offer more calories, carbohydrates, fiber including plant compounds, antioxidants, and enzymes that are difficult to put into a bottle.

How it Works


Protein meal replacement shakes control your weight gain. It can boost the fat-burning process and help you lose weight in many ways. The right amount of protein intake increases your metabolism and you'll feel fuller for longer. Thus, it allows your body to burn more fat efficiently.


Our protein-rich meal replacement shake diet provides multiple vitamins, minerals, and various other nutrients such as zinc, chlorine, iron, B-complex vitamins, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, etc., that are difficult to get in required amounts from other sources. We offer some of the most popular weight loss supplements for women that help to fit in your old and favorite clothes again.


Developed by Experts


This product line of dietary supplement pills was developed by expert physicians to help patients achieve their weight loss goals. Designed to be completed as a comprehensive package but healthy weight loss supplements & shakes can be implemented individually into your current wellness plan.


Contact us for a full description of the products or to set up a consultation with Dr. Barker to design a program that will fit your wellness needs and goals.

Frequently asked questions

When should I take protein meal replacement shakes?

Depending upon your health goals and lifestyle, you can take these healthy weight loss shakes anytime. However, we recommend you to start your day with our protein rich breakfast shakes for an effective weight loss.

What are the benefits of meal replacement powder?

Our meal replacement powder will not only help you lose weight, but it also offers number of other benefits:

  • It will help you decrease high triglycerides, blood pressure, and insulin resistance.
  • It promotes muscle growth.
  • It will improve brain function, eye, and heart health.
  • It will help you improve depression and bipolar disorder.
  • It reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • It will decrease abdominal fat and fatty liver.

What can I eat with protein meal replacement shakes?

Pair your protein meal replacement shake with fruit, yogurt, eggs, nuts, and lentils for best results.

How long will it take to lose weight?

It may take around 2-3 months with a proper meal plan program to lose weight with dietary supplement pills. You can also speak to your dietician or fitness trainer. If you need help with a comprehensive weight loss program, you can set up a consultation with Dr. Barker at 503-877-9277. She will design a customized meal plan that will fit your wellness goals and needs.

What if I'm not satisfied with the product?

If you are not satisfied with the product or flavor, you can return it within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. However, if you return within 28 days of purchase, we will not offer any refund. You can only exchange the product with a different flavor.