High protein supplement that helps promote muscle growth while burning fat. Use as a meal replacement or snack on the go. The Cornerstone Meal Replacement shakes were developed by expert physicians specifically designed for fat loss, maintenance of lean body mass, promotion of satiety and to positively impact metabolic syndrome and Type II diabetes. 


This is not a liquid diet, nor is it a stimulate. It's only Vitamins! The purpose of the shakes is to incorporate healthy meal choices throughout your day. This shake is a super-nutrient, delivering 100% of your daily vitamins in addition to 72 essential trace minerals. It is endorsed by the FDA Good manufacturing program. 

Weight Loss Shakes (small)

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  • Two scoops added to milk or milk subsitute for a refreshing high protein supplement. Pair with fruit, yogurt, nuts and spices to correct your personalized weight loss smoothie treat. Great finish with no chalky after taste. This shake is unique in that there is no soy or casein protein. It's safe for individuals with food allergies* and will enhance your current nutrition lifestyle.

    - Safe for children and pregnant patients to use

    - Store in dry area, off the ground. 

    14 servings