Embella was created as a platform to give voice to topics that are often overlooked or avoided in conversation for most women. Sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, and vaginal dryness are just a few of the topics that plague many women, but are not adequately addressed. We are striving to change that. Here at Embella there are options, advise, education and products that will help to address many of the issues that women have questions about, but have been too self-conscious to give voice to. Welcome to your EmbellaLife.

About Jessica

Dr. Jessica Barker

17  Years of Experience

Women's Health and Wellness Specialist

I’m a practicing board-certified OB-Gyn in the Arlington Dallas Fort Worth Area. Many of my patients struggle with weight management and healthy living.

There are metabolic forces at work such as insulin resistance, genetic and familial factors, and medical co-morbidities that can impact a woman’s ability to live their best life.

I am here to help them on this journey, but providing the tools they need to achieve success. Please explore the site and follow the podcasts for information that may help you reach your best you.